"Bienvenue! Welcome to my design portal, Lyle Polyak here, illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist and "doer of creative things." If you have landed here, then you are likely an art appreciator, seeking something beautiful and fun for your interior space, or perhaps a design for an upcoming creative project. I illustrate in a number of different media, working from photographs or literature, and building designs in pencil and charcoal, pastel and computer graphics. My works of art have been exhibited in galleries throughout Florida, and are used in the advertisements of local businesses and practices.

I have had the pleasure of working with artistic-minded men and women in the local manufacturing industry. With their support, I have the resources to design and acquire a number of custom marketing solutions. I especially enjoy working with other artists and galleries to design and provide the aides they require to garner success. Need artful marketing? Consider commissioning me for your creative project. (learn more) Thanks for visiting!"
Visual Design Consultant

Lyle Polyak, Artist
Art and Design
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Private visits by appointment.

715 Pinellas Street,
Suite #6
Clearwater, FL 33756

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